Business Growth Bootcamp: How to set up a business growth strategy?

Business Growth Bootcamp: How to set up a business growth strategy?

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Business Growth Bootcamp - How to set up your business growth strategy?  


This is a 5-part email series that is designed to help you set up your growth strategies, tap into your most profitable products and attract the right customers to your business. 


Here is how it works

You will receive a single daily message directly with building blocks, templates, scripts, and tried and tested calls to action. Delivery method: Email. 


Daily topics 

1️⃣ Setting up your environment for business growth

2️⃣ What you focus on – you will sell

3️⃣ Let’s build your growth engine

4️⃣ Working with the right customers

5️⃣ Creating templates that convert


You will enjoy….

  • Using a proven framework to identify your high-profit, high-conversion products

  • Understand why your customers buy and when

  • Create supporting systems and templates to reduce the wasted time in creating from scratch and most importantly,

  • Creating an environment that will help attract the right customer to your business.



All sessions are on-demand until further notice. 



R250 per person.

We’d love you to join us. Heads-up! This session forms part of our ongoing “Business Growth” campaign.


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